Client Experiences

About three years ago I was looking for a consistent staking deal after enduring a pretty significant downswing post “Black Friday.” A friend of mine in the poker world put me in touch with the IMAWHALE Staking Group and it has turned out to be the best poker decision of my life.

Playing for IMAWHALE allowed me the freedom of playing what I wanted to play while reducing the stress associated with downswings. As a tournament poker player, variance is always going to play a factor in performance and the downswings can really impact even the best players’ mindset. The vanishing makeup part of the staking deals has really eliminated that stress for me personally and has allowed me to psychologically overcome the downswings much quicker than in the past.

I’ve personally worked with other backers before and the experience that I have had working with IMAWHALE has been top notch. Communication is always professional, 100% honest and forthright, courteous, consistent, and quick to address concerns for their players and they have always advocated for us as players as well. For anyone looking for consistent, professional staking, IMAWHALE is definitely the way to go and I would fully recommend them to anyone that I come across in the poker world.

Zach Shelnutt Yettiman17