Client Experiences

It’s hard to put into words how much IMAWHALE staking has done for myself and my family. After Black Friday, my career as a poker professional was at a complete standstill. With a bankroll locked up on Full Tilt and the pain of April 15, 2011 still fresh on my mind, I wasn’t willing, or able to risk money on the sites still serving American customers. With the consideration of my family, picking up and moving wasn’t an immediate option.

When IMAWHALE staking approached me with an opportunity to play, without risking what money I had left, it was a godsend. In the two years I’ve worked with IMAWHALE, they’ve been honest, fair and accommodating to my schedule as a wife and mother. What started as a mutually beneficial financial agreement, has turned into a friendship. I highly recommend them to anyone who thinks they may benefit from a backing arrangement.

Danielle Andersen Dmoongirl