Client Experiences

I joined the stable as a player in the fall of 2013, and soon had access to games/limits higher than what I would have been able to play on my own. I’ve found there are many benefits to being backed by IMAWHALE. The stable is always searching for the best games and networks available to put me in the most profitable situations possible. If I go on a downswing, I don’t have to worry about draining my own personal finances to reload my accounts.

If I want to play higher stakes on multiple sites, I don’t have to worry about straining my personal finances my by keeping a large online bankroll, or worry about any risk factors associated with online poker. This allows me to more easily disconnect my thought processes at the table to any attachment or fear of financial results, and play my very best at a higher frequency. When the going gets tough, as it always inevitably does from time to time, knowing that I have the full confidence and support of my backers makes me feel more confident about myself and my game.

Dan Thomson Benjamin Barker