People Make the Difference

IMAWHALE Staking Group succeeds because of the quality of the people we choose to take into our fold as much as the quality of our coaches. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. But don’t take our word for it; read the testimonials from some of our select clients.

It’s hard to put into words how much IMAWHALE staking has done for myself and my family. After Black Friday, my career as a poker professional was at a complete standstill. With a bankroll locked up on Full Tilt and the pain of April 15, 2011 still fresh on my mind, I wasn’t willing, or able to risk money on the sites still serving American customers. With the consideration of my family, picking up and moving wasn’t an immediate option.

When IMAWHALE staking approached me with an opportunity to play, without risking what money I had left, it was a godsend. In the two years I’ve worked with IMAWHALE, they’ve been honest, fair and accommodating to my schedule as a wife and mother. What started as a mutually beneficial financial agreement, has turned into a friendship. I highly recommend them to anyone who thinks they may benefit from a backing arrangement.

Danielle Andersen

I joined the stable as a player in the fall of 2013, and soon had access to games/limits higher than what I would have been able to play on my own. I’ve found there are many benefits to being backed by IMAWHALE. The stable is always searching for the best games and networks available to put me in the most profitable situations possible. If I go on a downswing, I don’t have to worry about draining my own personal finances to reload my accounts.

If I want to play higher stakes on multiple sites, I don’t have to worry about straining my personal finances my by keeping a large online bankroll, or worry about any risk factors associated with online poker. This allows me to more easily disconnect my thought processes at the table to any attachment or fear of financial results, and play my very best at a higher frequency. When the going gets tough, as it always inevitably does from time to time, knowing that I have the full confidence and support of my backers makes me feel more confident about myself and my game.

Dan Thomson
“Benjamin Barker”

I have known Dan and Sean for about 3 years prior to joining IMAWHALE. When they were telling me about the staking group, also me knowing the value they both would add as coaches having talked to them over the years about poker, it was a real easy decision for me to join. I really enjoy how active people are, including Dan and Sean, in the chats breaking down hands and other poker topics.

Although I am fairly new to the group, I was stuck in 200 NL with limited shots in 400NL prior to IMAWHALE, now I am primarily playing 400 NL and already taking shots in 600 NL. So between the value in coaching, the lifted financial pressures of playing, and great attitude and understanding of poker players in the management team it is a great environment to grow as a player and make some serious cash!!!

Joe Desimone

4 months ago I was stuck at 25nl. IMAWHALE helped me move quickly through the stakes and now I am crushing 200nl. I don’t think this would be the case if I didn’t have the support of the stable. They have been there to help me any time I need anything or have a question. Variance doesn’t affect my decisions the way it would if I was playing with my own bankroll.

I know that I can just focus on making the most +ev play and accept any outcome without fear of having to move down. Having a group of people to learn with and observe has also been incredibly valuable. Being part of IMAWHALE is being part of a diverse and talented team, it feels good to know that we are all cheering for one another to succeed.

Benjamin Tripp

About three years ago I was looking for a consistent staking deal after enduring a pretty significant downswing post “Black Friday.” A friend of mine in the poker world put me in touch with the IMAWHALE Staking Group and it has turned out to be the best poker decision of my life.

Playing for IMAWHALE allowed me the freedom of playing what I wanted to play while reducing the stress associated with downswings. As a tournament poker player, variance is always going to play a factor in performance and the downswings can really impact even the best players’ mindset. The vanishing makeup part of the staking deals has really eliminated that stress for me personally and has allowed me to psychologically overcome the downswings much quicker than in the past.

I’ve personally worked with other backers before and the experience that I have had working with IMAWHALE has been top notch. Communication is always professional, 100% honest and forthright, courteous, consistent, and quick to address concerns for their players and they have always advocated for us as players as well. For anyone looking for consistent, professional staking, IMAWHALE is definitely the way to go and I would fully recommend them to anyone that I come across in the poker world.

Zach Shelnutt

I’ve been working with IMAWHALE since late 2011 and have enjoyed my time in the group.  Shane and Eric operate a well run stable and Sean and Dan provide excellent coaching and advice on both the technical and mental aspects of the game. 

There are also a number of good guys in the group that work hard, motivate, and root for one another to succeed.  If you are looking for a stable that is well run and will provide you the tools needed to succeed in today’s games than you definitely should apply to IMAWHALE.

Tyler Short

I first heard of IMAWHALE Staking in 2012. Shortly thereafter I made contact with Shane to discuss a poker site that we both worked with. Since then we have collaborated behind the scenes numerous times, sharing information and partnering up on various business deals, with great mutual benefit for all involved parties. From one CEO to another, I appreciate Shane’s insight into the staking world and the online poker industry as a whole

“CEO of Professional Rakeback”